Thank you for over 5 years of business

It is with great sadness that Brew Data must announce that we are no longer accepting new customers.  We are grateful to our existing customers and have build up an inventory of replacement sensors to serve your needs.  In addition, our IoT servers will continue to provide remote access, data archiving, and visualization service. Also, we would like to offer a big thanks everyone who has helped Brew Data over the last five years.

Brew Data is looking for a business development partner

Brew Data is looking for a partner to provide sales, marketing, and business development support to help grow our company. Brew Data helps brewers create a better, more consistent beer through the use of technology and data. We are looking for an experienced person who is not only passionate about building a company, but also wanting to create a better beer. Help articulate the value of our products to potential customers and investors. The ideal candidate should be self motivated and professional and proficient in the following areas:


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