About Us

Who is Brew Data?

Brew Data LLC was founded in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in January 2013. Until 2019 we were primarily a manufacturer of electronic devices, but we also provided data and engineering services. In 2019 we moved to Madison, Wisconsin and changed our focus away from manufacturing to providing engineering and IoT services. We are excited about our new secure "white label" IoT design and hosting services. We have been delinquent in our marketing efforts, but a new web site is on its way. In the mean time, feel free to contact us to discus your new product ideas.

Brew data is organized into several product groups:

  • sensors, primarily solid state temperature probes
  • control systems with a web based interface
  • “fat neon” LED signs
  • engineering services via our consultants network

We specialize in products for the craft beer brewing industry but our products and services are applicable to many other industries.

Industry Sector: Information Technology → Electronic Equipment & Instruments

Brew Data's Mission

Brew Data's products aims to bring affordable electronics innovations to the craft brewing industry as well as other artisan food, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Our services help make your idea a reality.


Brew Data might be a small company, but we are committed to business and environmental ethics. All of our products are designed for long term reliability, using minimal toxic material (ROHS). All of our products and computing servers are designed for low power consumption. Both the office and manufacturing areas are committed to recycling and natural lighting. Although not required, complete COOL data is available for the components that go inside our products which are all made in the USA.

Privacy and Cookie Policy

At Brew Data LLC security, privacy, and reliability are very important to us. We only collect enough information to be able to ship our products to you and to maintain our systems. This information is only shared when necessary (such as with our shipping providers). We will not redistribute your information for profit or for any non essential reason. Furthermore, all user passwords are stored in a way that even we don't don't know what they are. We make a concerned effort to make sure that all of our computer systems are secure. Your login credentials are always encrypted.

Our websites use cookies, but they are not shared with third parties, and do not contain personal information. They are not "tracking cookies".