Brew Data now offers installation services

Brew Data offers complete installation service for our control systems. We can help plan your project, run conduit, pull wires, and connect all necessary sensors and actuators.  In addition to the control system wiring, Brew Data can also run your glycol tubing. We are a certified installer of Aquatherm tubing.

Brew Data's installation services are unique because we specialize in the brewing industry and have the ability to run both the control conduit and glycol tubing together. We have the knowledge and skill to make the connections to all your tanks look good and offer a lower cost installation without sacrificing quality.

Breweries often struggle to find the correct materials to cost effectively carry the chilled glycol and water solution from the chiller to the tanks. PVC is often used but becomes brittle and dangerous at typical glycol system temperatures and pressures. Copper can be used but is expensive and requires expensive insulation. Pre-insulated tubing systems are available but these are more expensive yet.

The Aquatherm polypropylene tubing system costs less than copper and is self insulating, eliminating the need for additional insulation in some applications. Aquatherm is halogen free meaning that dangerous chemicals are not need to manufacture or install the tubing. Its also recyclable. More information on Aquatherm can be found on their website