Solid State Temperature Probe Easy Clean Sanitary Style


The BD1-S6F-EZ is a unique, easily cleanable stainless steel temperature probe that utilizes the Brew Data BD1 solid state temperature sensing device. The solid state sensor converts temperature directly to a high level output voltage. It features a 1.5” Tri-Clamp sanitary fitting, a watertight M12 male connector, and an integrated sealing cap. When removed from service and the M12 connector is sealed by hand tightening the cap, the entire assembly becomes waterproof to IP68 standards. The sensor is then dishwasher safe and is resistant to caustic cleaners and acid sanitizers.

Key Benefits: 

  • Easy to wire, wire nuts can be used to splice to M12 cable.
  • Easy to interface, can be connected directly to an ADC without special signal conditioning.
  • Easy to clean, integrated sealing cap with lanyard makes the sensor dishwasher safe and resistant to caustics and acids.
  • Designed for industrial environments; ESD protected and compensated to drive long cables or capacitive loads.


6" (150mm)


  • M12 Connector


  • Sanitary Flange

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